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Infiniti Woodkrafts is one of the reputed company in the field of Laminate Manufacturers in India, Laminate Manufacturers in Haryana, Gujarat. Driven by the center estimation of development and perfection, Northern world has depicted another definition by their exceptional execution in Laminate Manufacturers in India. While outlining the item we are applying the progressive morals and imagination. Northern World dependably works with our expert group for the same.


Laminate is an alternative to hardwood woodworking. The term refers to a method of construction that comes with factory-made wood that has been coated with one in every of the assorted nonmandatory skins that may offer the project a hardwood or different finished look. within the past, this kind of construction was quickly unemployed by owners and cupboard manufacturers as a low-quality selection that ought to be avoided at the slightest degree prices, however, things have modified.

Today, many folks are turning to laminates as an inexpensive different attributable to the dramatic enhancements within the trade of manufactured-wood product. The attractiveness comes from the very fact that the wood core is made victimisation either chip or coarse wood, that's usually recycled, and bonding it with organic compound beneath air mass. The finished boards have strength and worth that produces them extremely competitive with all hardwoods. once the laminate skin is applied, trendy designs are simply achieved, that support associate angle in line with trendy decoration and environmental conservation. Laminate Manufacturer in Haryana


A wood laminate could be a skinny sheet of fabric accustomed cowl the core of a wood project so as to alter the looks of the fabric. Laminates could also be any material, however, generally, they've created veneers, that are skinny sheets of wood. The advantage to a laminate is that they assist to lower the construction value of room cupboards whereas still providing an identical style of aesthetic beauty as solid hardwood cupboards. a drawback is that a laminated cupboard is slightly tougher to coat within the future and also the overall cupboard lacks the strength of the hardwood it's being created to give.

Special care ought to be taken once maintaining and caring for laminate cupboards. not like that used on tabletop laminates, the fabric accustomed laminate is the agent on cupboards. they'll be maintained with regular soap and water, however one ought to exercise caution to forestall any water from sitting on the cupboard as this will result in a softening of the glue accustomed attach the laminate. The laminate used on countertops is meant to handle prolonged exposure to wet, however, the laminate on cupboards isn't. We are one of the best quality Laminate Manufacturer in Haryana

Infiniti Woodkrafts

Quality Certification:

  • State of the Art Laboratory and Quality Testing Equipment at Site
  • Perfection driven Chemist and Lab Technicians
  • ISO 14000 Certification for Environmental Systems
  • ISO 9001-2008 Certification for Quality Systems
  • Quality Accredation from the Beurau of Indian Standards(ISI)
  • Certification from Forest Standard ship Council(FSC) for Forest Friendly Practices (AF)
  • Certification from Indian Green Building Council
  • Certification from ECOMARK
  • Certification for Emission Free Resins and Ecoglue to meet European Standards

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Laminate Manufacturer in Haryana