BWP (Boiling Water Proof) PLYWOOD – IS 303

BWR Grade Plywood is made from seasoned high-quality hardwood core and is bonded with Phenol Formaldehyde Resin produced under the controlled environment to provide complete protection from Water. This ply is impregnated with chemicals so that it can even withstand Boiling water and thus it is ideal for outdoor application. It can withstand Hot, Humid and Rainy Conditions and withstand all extremities of weather such as acute Cold, Heat Humidity and Rain. This Ply is completely Water, Termite, Borer, Fungus and is All Weather.

Thickness Avaialble: 6mm/9mm/12mm/19mm

Density Offered :

Sizes Available : 8x4/8x3/7x4/7x3/6x4/6x3


Outdoor Furniture and Panels, Kitchen Cupboards, Bathrooms, Door Panels and Inserts


S. No. Test IS : 303 Requirement IW Ply Results
1 Moisture Content 5 - 15% 7.8%
2 Glue Adhesion Test Three test specimens of size 250mm x 100mm shall be prepared and submerged in Boiling water for Eight Hours and then Dryed for Sixteen Hours at a temperature of 65 + 2 Centigrade followed by Two more cycles and then tested as per IS : 1734 (Part 5) 3 cycles carried out. No declamination observed Excellent Bonding.
3 Modulus of Elasticity Across the Grains Average 2500 N/mm2 2935 N/ mm2
4 Modulus of Rupture Across the Grains Average 20 N/ mm2 27 N/ mm2