IW ply Fire retardant plywood is a result of extensive work of our Chemists and Glue Formulators. Fire Retardant Plywood produced under stringent norms, contains specialized Chemicals and meets IS 5509-2000 standards offering to Ignition, slows spread of flames and resists flame penetration to provide Safety to You and your loved ones.

Fire retardant characteristics are a very important property to prevent propagation of fire at the initial stages. It can be critical in an adverse event

IW ply ensures

Flammability (The time taken for ignition ) of well over 30 minutes

Flame Penetration time(The time taken for flame penetration) of well over 30 Minutes for 12mm Plywood

Rate of burning of well over 20 minutes

Thickness Avaialble: 6mm/9mm/12mm/19mm

Density Offered :

Sizes Available : 8x4/8x3/7x4/7x3/6x4/6x3


Kitchen Cupboards, Flats, Restaurants, Fire Prone Areas and Public Places

S. No. Testing Parameters IS : 5509 Requirement IW Ply Result
1 Moisture Content 5 - 15%
Core veneer to be soaked in 1.25% solution of Boric Acid OR 1.9% solution of Borax for 10 to 40 Minutes (depending on veneer thickness)
2 Glue Shear Strength in
Dry Condition
a. Individual Min. 1430 Newton
b. Average Min. 1650 Newton
1640 Newton
1855 Newton
3 Glue Shear Strength
in Wet Condition
a. Individual Min. 800 Newton
b. Average Min. 1000 Newton
1090 Newton
1230 Newton
4 Glue Shear Strength
in Mycological Test
a. Individual Min. 800 Newton
b. Average Min. 1100 Newton
1120 Newton
1230 Newton
5 Flammability Time taken for Second lgnition > 30 Minutes
(For 12mm Thick plywood)
45 Minutes
6 Flame Penetration Time for Flame Penetration to be > 30 Minutes
(For 12mm Thick plywood)
55 Minutes