IW ply Chequered Plywood/Truck Floor is a High density, Heavy load bearing product which has vast application. It is produced using superior all glue, all hardwood Core and Panel Lines impregnated with Chemically treated PF Resin Glue tested to withstand all adversities of nature and yet come out the winner. Impregnation of the veneers is more than 30% in weight ratio. Thereafter it is pressed in high accuracy high-pressure Heating and Cooling Presses to achieve ultimate compression ratios to create a Ply Panel that can bear Super Heavy Loads under all weather conditions. Not to mention that it is a Boiling Water Proof Ply which means it is ideal for flooring application where Loads and Water Exposure have no Limits. Chequered and Net Impression improves friction and deeper ridges ensure longer life.

Chequered Ply is commonly available in 12mm/16mm as per weight requirement of the customer

Truck Floor is commonly available 18mm/25mm as per weight requirement of the customer

In addition to these thickness we can provide customized thickness as per requirement

Both these products are available in 8x4 but sizes can be customized as per requirements.

Factory and Buliding Floors, Truck and Bus Floors, Strong Partition Application All types of Foundations, Beams, Interior and Exterior Shuttering Applications

S. No. Name of Test Required Value / Tolerances IW Ply Result
1 Length 2440(+6mm) 2440mm(+6mm)
2 Width 1220(+3mm) 1220mm(+3mm)
3 Thickness +5% 12.11, 12.19, 12.30, 12.10, 11.95, 12.06, 12.15(12mm+5%)
4 Squireness 0.20% 0.16%
5 Straightness 0.20% 0.11%
6 Workmanship & Finish Satisfactory Satisfactory
7 Physical Properties Adhesion of Ply Min-Pass Std Excellent
8 Density Test
Moisture content
5% to 15%
9 Tensil Strength Parallel to Grain 32.50N/SQ.MM 42.23N/SQ.MM
10 Perpendicular to Grain 22.50N/SQ.MM 30.68N/SQ.MM
11 Sum of Both 60.0N/SQ.MM 72.91N/SQ.MM